Remodel Cost Control

Need to Control Remodel Costs?

Remodel Cost Control is the answer. Using cost categories from budget to completion allows you to control costs throughout your project.

The budget is created using supplier or architect estimates, comparison shopping from the local hardware store or anywhere you can get cost estimates. Budget data is quickly and easily entered into the system. The original estimate documents may be scanned and attached to the budget line item.

As invoices from contractors or the big box store arrive, the invoice is entered and applied to the original budget item. You are immediately notified if the supplier has not faithfully adhered to their original bid quantity or if the purchase cost is different than the budget cost. Invoices or receipts may be scanned and saved with the invoices.

A Summary of costs by cost category is available instantly.

Produce a Scheduled Values report for lenders or other stakeholders.

Download a fully operational evaluation copy today!

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Remodel Cost Control is guaranteed to work as advertised. If we cannot fix it you get your full purchase price refunded. Simple.

You buy the software one time and use it as long as you want without additional charges. Simple.

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Users who purchase Remodel Cost Control will receive email notices as updates are published. Download and install the update at your discretion, not ours. Simple.

Request a change to the software. If we adopt the request get the updated version at no cost to you. Simple.

Remodel Cost Control is designed specifically for the independent architect, independent contractor or individual homeowner.