Open Architecture

Remodel Cost Control data is completely open to you for reporting purposes or integration to another software tool such as accounting or inventory. Data files can be opened in a number of other applications such as Excel or Word.

Contractor, Property Manager, Homeowner, Architect

You can set up multiple clients or just yourself as the primary user. Manage a single project or multiple projects

Simple Interface

Navigation is intuitive and easy to get around without a lot of menus distracting you. Developed with ease of use in mind to make your budgeting effort much smoother.

Runs on your PC

There is nothing installed or saved on the web. You install the product on your computer. You cannot be held hostage to get to your applications or your data.

Small Projects

Remodel Cost Control is designed for the homeowner, independent contractor or independent architect that needs to manage costs for either themselves or their clients.


Entering data is easy and the user interface helps reduce data entry problems. The software is looking over your shoulder to ensure accurate data

Category Codes

No need to download Category codes. They are included with the system. Add and delete your own to customize the product just for your use.

Easy Conversion to Full Version

Easily install the Demo and then convert to the Full version without losing data.