Remodel Cost Control Knowledgebase

Getting Started

Before you start, review the help document on how to navigate forms.

  1. First, open the Maintenance drop down menu and then click Suppliers. Add as many suppliers as you need to start the first budget. Supplier address and phone numbers are optional, but some of this information shows up in reports that would be helpful later.
    1. Add a placeholder supplier to use if you don’t know who the final supplier will be.
  2. Close Suppliers and open the Maintenance drop down menu. This time click CSI Categories. Add any categories that you need but are not in the list already. See CSI Categories for more information.
    1. Add a placeholder category for budget items that you are not sure where to place them yet.
    2. You may find it useful to add a miscellaneous CSI heading for items that are not easily categorized.
  3. Close Categories and Headings if you have them open.
  4. Open the Maintenance menu and click Customer.
  5. Add a Customer.
    1. If you are a home owner, put yourself in the first record. This is likely the only customer record you will ever create.
    2. If you a professional, add your first customer. If you have all the documentation for a completed project, use that as a starting point to learn the system.
  6. On the Customers form, click the “Projects” command button
    Add a Project. Leave the start date blank.
  7. On the Projects form, click the “Budget” command button.
  8. Review the Budget help document for an understanding of how to enter the budget.

At some point you may want to modify the text and layout of the Lien Release document.