Remodel Cost Control Knowledgebase

Navigating Pick List Forms

Pick List forms serve a very specific function in the system. Generally pick lists will allow you to select a value from the Pick List form and bring it back to the parent form. This is how suppliers and CSI Categories are selected when editing or adding a budget line to the budget table. The CSI Codes Pick List has additional functionality for searching the table.

CSI Categories as an example pick list

Using a Pick List form

The value pulled from the Pick List form is specific to the field that you double clicked to open the form. For example, if you are on the Budget form and double click the CSI Categories field you will open the CSI Categories Pick List and pull back the CSI Category to the budget line. The contents of the target record will be changed to reflect the value you selected from the Pick List form.

Selecting a Value

To select a value from the Pick List simply navigate (See Data Entry Forms) to the required record and either Double click the record or click the Select command button

Closing a Pick List Form without Selecting a Value

See the Closing Forms section on the Data Entry Forms help document