Remodel Cost Control Knowledgebase

Navigating Reports

Reports Each report (except .pdf documents) will be presented with its own navigational tool bar.

The first tool is the Top of Report button. Select this to move to the first page of the report.

The up one page tool moves the report one page closer to the top of the report.

The Page specific tool makes a specific page the current page. Click the tool and enter a page number.

Use the Zoom% tool to make the visible image smaller or larger. You can also zoom the page size by clicking on the page.

The Exit Report tool closes the report and returns control to the calling program. The ESC key does the same thing.

Printer Select lets you select either a physical or logical printer to generate the report to. Click this and you are presented with the standard Windows dialog to select a destination printer.

The Red X on the tool bar simply closes the tool bar. It does not close the report.