Remodel Cost Control Knowledgebase

CSI Categories

CSI Categories Make sure all CSI Category records for the project are entered into the CSI Categories and CSI Headings tables before you start entering budget data. Otherwise, you will have to close the customer, project and budget forms to add the codes.

The CSI Categories table is populated with the default CSI categories when you install the system.

You may add new categories and you can edit or delete the new categories, as long as you have on any projects. However, you cannot edit or delete the installed records.

When you add a record, ensure that the code falls in line within the appropriate heading as illustrated on the right side of the form. For example, if you add a new category that should fall within the “General Conditions” heading, the category code must start with ’01’. Otherwise the category will not sort correctly on many of the RCC reports.

Records that have been added by you must have both a code and a description before you can save the record.

The CSI Categories table has a field called “Template”. The Template field allows a specific category to be included in a default set of categories for a new budget. Check the box if you want to include that category on the next project you start. The budget must be populated with the template categories before you enter any budget lines manually.
The template can be changed from project to project. Checking or unchecking a category’s template checkbox will have no effect on existing budgets.