Remodel Cost Control Knowledgebase

Lien Release Template

The Lien Release Text Template will allow you to define a rudimentary lien release document. A starter template is installed with the system.

The left panel in the form explains what can be included in the document and other specifics about the layout.

You can edit the default template in the right panel to include the specific layout and verbiage to a limited extent. There are some rules that apply:

The macros defined on the left side of the pane are included in the document template on the right side. Each of the macro values will be expanded to include the information as defined on the form. The macro must include the [] characters around it and entered exactly as it appears in the notes pane.
[Date] – The current date
[Supplier] – The Supplier’s name, address including city, state and zip, contact name and phone number
[Customer] – Customer Name and complete address
[Project] – Complete project site address information
[Amount] – Either the sum of invoices in the case of a Application Layer or an invoice amount if printed from the Invoices form.

After at least one supplier, one customer, and one project have been entered into the system, click the “Preview Lien Waver” command button to print a preview of the document.

See Lien Release report