Remodel Cost Control Knowledgebase

Projects Form

The Project table stores records regarding a specific project. The address information stores the address to the project (project site). On this form the detail tab is labeled “Site Details”

List Tab

Projects List for navigating to project details

The Projects form has an additional command Button labeled “Budgets”. This button will open the Budget form to add/edit/delete budget data for the currently selected project.

While providing high level information regarding the budget, the first tab (“Projects”) is a navigation grid. Double click a project line and the “Site Details” tab will open to that project.

Details Tab

The Project Start date tells the system when to start considering budget data as changes rather than the base budget. Once the start date is entered, it can no longer be changed. Be very careful when you enter a date into this field.
See the Budget form for additional information.

One additional command button is available on this tab. The “Copy Customer Data” button will copy the address information from the Customer Record into the Project for you.