Remodel Cost Control Knowledgebase

Scheduled Values Report

Scheduled Values The Scheduled Values report serves as a request for payment from the finance stakeholder (Bank, owner, etc.). The report is organized by CSI Category and report the current financial health and status of the project.

There is no filter on the report; all budget lines are reported.
Project and Application Layer information is listed at the top of the first page of the report.
The first column of the report lists the CSI Heading and CSI Categories in the budget line
The Scheduled Value column lists the budget for each line item.
The sum of work completed prior to this Application Layer are listed in the “Work Completed From Previous Applications” column.
All of the open invoices that are to be applied in this layer are listed in the “Work Completed This Period” column
“Total Work Completed” is the sum of Work completed previously and work completed in this Application Layer.
“% Complete” is the ratio of the budget (Scheduled Value) amount to the “Total Work Completed” column.
“Balance to Finish” is the amount of budget dollars left on each budget line after this Application Layer.

If an item is over budget, the amount is printed in red.
If the project budget is over extended, then the totals are printed in red.

Budget lines that are over extended are not reflected by color in the “%Complete” column. However an over budget condition exists if the “% Complete” value is more than 100%.

The report data is archived in the ScheduledValues subfolder of the location where the database is stored. You can reprint the Scheduled Values report from this archived set of data from the Reports/Scheduled Values Reprint report. You will have to print the supporting documents manually.